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Need to register your new shower protected with ClearShield® or wish to buy After-Care products? Click the button below to visit our secure After-Care website, (for UK and Republic of Ireland residents only; if you are outside the UK or Republic of Ireland, please contact us for further assistance). For Aqata Shower Customers: please call 01455 896500 or click here to register your shower or purchase Aqata After-Care products.

Shower Registration & After-Care Shop: Welcome

Did you know...?

After-Care for Shower Glass
is now available in economical Refill packs!

Following strong consumer feedback, it gives us great pleasure to launch After-Care for Shower Glass Refill packs!

Ritec After-Care for Shower Glass gives these great benefits…

  • Non-abrasive cleaner to remove soaps, body fats and light limescale

  • Effective disinfectant to improve hygiene in the bathroom

  • Enhancer of ClearShield Eco-Glass® for an even longer-lasting performance

This new product pack size addresses consumers’ wishes to keep the original trigger spray bottle to re-use rather than disposing of or recycling it.

Available in 500ml cylindrical bottles, this pack size uses significantly less plastic (57% less by weight!) compared to the standard trigger spray bottle – great news in today’s climate where consumer attitudes are shifting towards less plastic usage.

It also costs a few pounds less than the standard trigger spray version so keeping your ClearShield® shower sparkling like new has never been more cost effective!

Only available from Ritec at (UK and Republic of Ireland only).

After-Care for Shower Glass Refill
Shower Registration & After-Care Shop: Features
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